van-de-fam\vændəfam\ n.

1. Employees at Vandelay Education LLC. 2. A community of hard-working, adaptable, fun, self-motivated, and creative team members. 3. People who love the enriching work that they do and the people they work with. 4. Rukusmakers who are proud to disrupt the for-profit education industry. 

5. A group of chronic coffee drinkers that cannot resist petting every dog within reach.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the change in the for-profit certificate market so that the majority of certificate students will begin their career with zero federal financial aid and minimal debt.  

Our Core Values

The heart of Vandelay Education


Community Engagement

At Vandelay Education, we love to give back to our community.


Several times a year, you can catch the VandeFam volunteering at local charities and organizations. 

Alone, we can do so little... 

Together, we can do so much more...

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