Our Vision:

When we started the company, 96% of students went to schools that offered little hands-on training and saddles them with debt.

We believe that students deserve an education that offers hands-on training, minimal debt, and creates raving fans.

We provide this education.

For-Profit Education Facts:

The current for-profit education sector is broken.  Here are the facts:

  • Currently 96% of students that attend for-profit schools take out federal student loans to attend.

  • Students that attend for-profit college accounted for 47% of all student loan defaults while for-profit colleges only account for 5.6% of the total higher education market.
  • 54% of students that attend for-profit schools don't finish and are burdened with student loan debt without a certificate to help pay it back.
  • Student loan debt currently surpasses 1 trillion dollars and presents the nation with a severe financial burden. 

The for-profit education sector plays an important part in higher education. The existing supply of non-profit and public higher education is insufficient to satisfy the growing demand for higher education.  

We believe that the population most underserved by the for-profit education sector as a whole is students that enroll in certificate programs.  With an average cost of $19,806, students are being burdened with student loan debt. If a student finds a job, their monthly student loan payments often will consume over 12% of their total income.  In 2009, the US had 246,792 students enrolled in certificate programs. 

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to lead the change in the for-profit certificate market, so that the majority of certificate students will begin their career with zero federal financial aid and minimal debt.