We're looking for medical professionals that would like to generate passive income by allowing us to use their facilities to operate an assistant school during the off hours of their practice.  We currently serve the dental assistant, medical assistant and pharmacy assistant markets.  

We manage every aspect of the school and pay for all costs associated with it.   

Most of our classes takes place over 12 class days on the weekends. Class days are determined based on when your office is closed. This may be Saturdays or Friday + Saturday. Classes are taught either by one of the office's assistants or a local assistant recruited by us. 

How can you join the mission? Fill out the form on the Request Evaluation section and it will be processed by our team as quickly as possible. 

FAQ (for medical professionals):

Do I have to invest any money?  

 No. We cover all start up and ongoing costs.

How much money could I make?

We have a standard variable lease that we use for all of our host locations.  After the initial evaluation phase we will go over the variable lease with you.  

When will I receive payment?

After each month you'll receive a check from the previous month’s revenue.

Do you carry insurance so I can rest assured when the school is in my office? 

Yes.  We carry insurance to protect both you and us.  

Do I need to buy any additional insurance?

We purchase the insurance so that you don't have too.

Who purchases the supplies?

We purchase all of our own supplies and will store them in a separate location.

What equipment of the office's does the school use?

The school will use some of your basic medical equipment. Your computers are never used. We purchase laptops for school use. We also purchase some education specific equipment. The equipment we will use in your office varies by trade. Please contact us for a detailed list. 

What happens if my equipment gets damaged?

In the unlikely event that this occurs, our insurance will cover it. In the case that our insurance didn't cover it, we would. All of our instructors are highly trained on how to care for the equipment and with our low student to teacher ratios, there are always eyes on the students. The students are trained to respect the office and the equipment and they're never left alone to use the equipment. 

Will this create more work for my office manager or employees?

         The school is entirely separate from your office. The school is managed 5 days a week by our Administrative Office. We answer all            phones and handle all HR duties.  

When can I cancel?

You have to let us finish any class that has started.  You need to let us know 60 days prior to a class start date to cancel.


For more information please contact us!