We're looking for professionals that would like to generate passive income by allowing us to use their facilities to operate an assistant school during the off hours of their practice.  We currently serve the dental assistant, medical assistant and pharmacy technician markets.  

We manage every aspect of the school and pay for all costs associated with it.   

Most of our classes takes place over 12 class days on the weekends. Class days are determined based on when your office is closed. This may be Saturdays or Friday + Saturday. Classes are taught either by one of the office's assistants or a local assistant recruited by us. 

How can you join the mission? Fill out the form on the Request Evaluation section and it will be processed by our team as quickly as possible. 

We have over 50 schools all over the United States. 

We have over 50 schools all over the United States. 

For-Profit Education Facts:

The current for-profit education sector is broken.  Here are the facts:

  • Currently 96% of students that attend for-profit schools take out federal student loans to attend.

  • Students that attend for-profit college accounted for 47% of all student loan defaults while for-profit colleges only account for 5.6% of the total higher education market.
  • 54% of students that attend for-profit schools don't finish and are burdened with student loan debt without a certificate to help pay it back.
  • Student loan debt currently surpasses 1 trillion dollars and presents the nation with a severe financial burden. 

The for-profit education sector plays an important part in higher education. The existing supply of non-profit and public higher education is insufficient to satisfy the growing demand for higher education.  

We believe that the population most underserved by the for-profit education sector as a whole is students that enroll in certificate programs.  With an average cost of $19,806, students are being burdened with student loan debt. If a student finds a job, their monthly student loan payments often will consume over 12% of their total income.  In 2009, the US had 246,792 students enrolled in certificate programs. 

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to lead the change in the for-profit certificate market, so that the majority of certificate students will begin their career with zero federal financial aid and minimal debt.